1. Do you offer any kind of group discounts?

Sorry, no discounts.

2. Can we drive to the Adventure site?

No. There are no parking areas at the Adventure site. Also, your presence is needed on our bus so that we can pass out equipment, give you important information, and generally prepare you for your arrival at the site.

3. What is the minimum age to participate?

Twenty one

4. What is the maximum age to participate?

There is no maximum age limit, but most participants around the age of 60 (even very active ones), usually, cannot keep up the required pace, cope with the harsh terrain, and regularly do not complete the Adventure. This usually slows everyone down and can result in a safety hazard.

5. What kind of footwear should I wear?

Light hiking boots with good friction are the best. Sneakers are satisfactory.  Socks are a must, without them the sand will grind your feet. No shoes with elastic cords or without laces. Do not wear water booties, aqua shoes, Five Fingers, Keen, Teva or any similar sandals; the mud will suck them off. Leave at home those old boots that have been sitting in your closet a long time, they will come apart, trust us.

6. What do you consider overweight?

We want everyone to enjoy an Adventure day so we keep things as flexible as possible concerning the weight issue.  A 250-pound person less than six feet tall may be consider overweight according to standard height-weight ratios. However, if that person is regularly active, then he or she could be allowed to participate. By contrast, a person of the exact same height and weight who is laboriously huffing and puffing after the first 15 minutes of a fast steep hike, is obviously NOT in good shape and can not participate. Another thing to consider is the waist and thigh size.  These should not exceed 42” waist and 26” thigh.

7. I don’t know how to swim. Can I still participate?


8. How far in advance should I make my reservation?

We take up to 16 participants per adventure, so keep track of the spaces available on the reservation calendar. Online reservations are unpredictible. Summer and winter are high season, at least three weeks in advance is recommended.

9. If the Adventure is cancelled, will I receive a refund?

Yes, if Aventuras Tierra Adentro, Inc. cancels the Adventure, you will receive a total refund or credit.

1o. Why do we start so early?

In Puerto Rico the orographic effect is the norm. Hot humid air is pushed by the trade winds up the mountains. This change of elevation is enough to cool the air and lower its humidity retention capacity.  Condensation follows and precipitation happens. In summary you do not want to be caught in a flash flood. Safety first, sleeping second.